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    You can host a workout by creating a new activity and/or event, allowing other users to join in.


    Quickly find & discover fitness partners that you can join within your community for indoor & outdoor activities through the activity feed and highly interactive mapping feature.


    Users are ranked & compete against friends, while earning points that lead to exclusive invites to Versafit hosted events!


    Keep track of upcoming activities & activity requests that are within a seven-day range.

About The Versafit App

Versafit is a social fitness app designed to connect users quickly to various sporting venues and recreational facilities. You can join or host an activity from running to hiking to a pick-up game of basketball or bowling. Additionally, Versafit encourages the user to discover new activities. This platform is conducive for users of all skill levels and backgrounds. Our goal at Versafit is to make fitness fun & exciting by providing options for various activities so that the user stays consistent and never gets bored! At times, it may be difficult for people to connect due to shyness or the perception of an awkward encounter, however, Versafit acts as the liaison or an icebreaker to foster initial encounters. Imagine Meetup meets Tinder, but just for fitness! Versafit connects people who go to the same yoga studio or CrossFit gym or simply like the same type of fitness activities.

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Why Choose Versafit

"Nobody to Play With"

• No way to quickly connect to fitness partners, facilities, and events.

• Planning, scheduling, costs take the fun out of playing.

• Missing social interaction & motivation

• No available apps are designed to fight this problem.

• Historically, 43% of solo members drop out, but the dropout rate declines to 6.3% when engaged w/friends & performance increases.

“Versafit is a Social
Fitness Community”

• Connect quickly to fitness partners, facilities, and events.

• Stay motivated & inspire others without the hassle (just “Go play!”). • Keep track of activities & analytics

• Social Fitness Gamification.

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You'll never have to workout alone anymore!

Team up with others around you and join their activities. Or simply create your own activity and have others join you!  Whatever the case may be, you are not alone!

Our Team

Meet the talented and creative Versafit team.

Julian Clarke


Alton Chislom


Sounia Johnson

Director of Strategic Communications

Harry Penn

Creative Director



Tony Dowzall

Former CMO & President, Marketing, Geffen LLC


Bill Waldo

Tri-tech Business Dev
“Successfully built company & later acquired.”

David S.

David Simmons

U.S. Board of Soccer Committee
“Executive Director of 1994 US World Cup & Sports entrepreneur.”


Ryan Huff

CEO Cirrus Path Technical
“Successfully sold company to MapMyFitness.”

David M

David Metzler

Serenity Ventures Business Dev
“Raised over $20M for his various startups.”


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